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July 3, 2008
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The Sky over Casteddu
- Il Cielo sopra Cagliari -

2009 Edition
42 pages
ISBN 978-3-924774-64-6
248 Euro

Download PDF (9 MB)

Bernd Sebastian Kamps

The Sky over Casteddu is an unusual homage in an unusual location. Casteddu, the capital of Sardinia, is the only major city on the Western Mediterranean island, with the next urban centres - Rome, Naples and Palermo - all some 500 km away. Nearby, there is only Tunis, 100 nautical miles across the sea, but the Casteddaius don't seem keen on having relations with their southern neighbours. In other words: their city is isolated in a cul-de-sac on the southern border of Europe.

Casteddu is an unlikely place for a study about aesthetics. After World War II, it suffered from uncontrolled urban development and the city now extends well into previous vegetable gardens, cornfields, and vineyards. At best, Casteddu post-war architecture is chaotic; at worst, it is ugly. Living in such a harsh urban environment is sometimes challenging.

Fortunately, the historic part of the city - Marina, Castedd'e Susu, Stampace and Villanova - saves it all ! The beauty of these four central districts is the only conceivable, but sufficient reason for living in Casteddu. The streets are narrow, and some of the 16th century buildings are four or five storeys high. Inevitably, you raise your head and at that very moment, you notice that the Sky over Casteddu is different from the skies you have ever seen before.

This collection presents some of the views you will discover while wandering through historic Casteddu. All the pictures were made with small-budget digital compact cameras that everyone can afford (Casio ZX850 and Lumix TZ5). Most importantly, none of the pictures have been modified with any kind of software. No special effects are needed. The Sky over Casteddu, i.e., the Sky over the Mediterranean Sea, is special all by itself.

Bernd Sebastian Kamps
August 15th, 2009




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